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CPR Adult

CPR is a technique that can be used on a collapsed patient in cardiac arrest to keep blood and oxygen circulating in their body.
Give 30 Chest Compressions
- Place heel of one hand on centre of chest between the nipple line
- Place the other hand on top and interlock fingers
- Compress the chest 30 times, at a rate of 100-120 per minute to a depth of 5-6cm
Give 2 Rescue Breaths
- Blow until chest rises (about 1 second)
- Allow chest to to fall before giving second breath
Continue CPR
- 30 Chest Compressions
- 2 Rescue Breaths
If unhappy to give rescue breaths, commence hands-only CPR (Push hard and fast in the centre of their chest about 100 - 120 times a minute).
Continue until
- Told to stop by the ambulance crew. Be prepared for them to ask you to continue / assist as they may have further medical interventions to consider.
- the patient starts to show signs of regaining consciousness, such as coughing, opening their eyes, speaking, or moving purposefully and starts to breathe normally
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